Jackson Weber

United States, 2004.

I’m going to be quite honest and personal here–

My name is Jackson Weber, and I am the artist GLAIV. For years, my passion has been to integrate myself into a career dealing with fine arts, whether digitally (animation, 3D modeling) or physically (colored pencil, acrylic painting).

I have many traumas and struggles in my life, but they do not define me.

At just two years old, I was afflicted with meningitis, rendering me deaf– six months later, I obtained the second of my two Cochlear implants.

At fifteen years, I was afflicted with a previously undiscovered autoimmune illness, putting me into a near-coma for two weeks and setting me in a wheelchair for 6 months.

I have since recovered, but the after-effects still linger– ghosts of my past, ghosts that my mind cannot let go of.

My name is GLAIV– a glaive is a European polearm consisting of a single-sided blade attached to a long pole– quite contradictory to the common notion that there is a point to live for.

The word is unfinished and fragmented, which was how I felt when my illnesses took an iron grip on my life– but I didn’t give up. I kept on, and I will keep on– until my business is finished.